3. RUF still makes the RCT Evo

Some cars generate so much demand, automakers would be dumb to cease production. In this case, RUF is churning out RCT Evos today, citing big demand for the air-cooled flat-six.


It doesn’t hurt that the car has a classic look, more-than-livable interior, and keeps the driving experience exceptionally pure.

4. The Yellow Bird was made famous by an “infamous” video

Back when the RUF Porsche 911 CTR, nicknamed the Yellow Bird for its bright yellow paint, debuted it made a huge splash.

Before your average person thought about driving on in Forza, an opposite-lock racing master flogged a Yellow Bird around the old track, showing just how much rip-roaring fun it could be.

5. RUF made an all-electric concept car back in 2008

While the eRUF Model A never got the production green light, it shows that RUF certainly is a forward-thinking tuner.


Keep in mind this concept was before the mighty Porsche 918 Spyder, a car that showed just how much of a green performance machine the brand could make. Perhaps in the near future RUF will move ahead with a production EV.

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