Steven Symes

Steven Symes started turning a wrench long before he could legally drive, and is a self-described car nerd. He’s owned quite a few vehicles, including a Saab 9-3, Honda CR-X Si, Volvo V70 AWD, Mitsubishi Montero and many others. Steven currently has a Toyota Highlander that’s seen quite a bit of off-road action, but he’s on the hunt for a project off-roader that has a set of low gears, locking diffs, and plenty of potential.

Steven lives in the Mountain West and loves to go off-roading, as well as have other outdoor adventures. He still has a passion for street cars, especially Porsches and just about anything with a Small Block Chevy V8 under the hood.

If he could have any vehicle, Steven would go for two with a Toyota FJ80 and a Porsche 959. Also, Steven has modified quite a few cars, and has trouble leaving anything purely stock for long.

Steven’s not only fascinated with the machines, but also the culture and business of the automotive industry. He has a big interest in safety, plus his background in the tech industry means he’s quite critical of emerging vehicle technologies. Also, he loves studying how car enthusiasts of all stripes meet and interact at all kinds of events.

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